Interior Services

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Managing and maintaining facilities is our core business.
For over 100 years, USI has helped clients save money and improve performance through integrated facility management, technical operations and maintenance, and other facility services.

By bundling facility-related services through a single service provider, you can significantly reduce operating costs and streamline building operation and management. With USI Facility Services as your partner, you can decrease reliance on higher-priced, local specialty contractors and benefit from a cross-trained, multi-tasked workforce. Our ability to self-perform most critical services also means that we offer lower headcount, more control over labor costs and the ability to respond to O&M needs quickly and efficiently.

If you are challenged to reduce facility and building operating costs, minimize equipment downtime and decrease employee turnover while increasing productivity, USI Facility Services can help. We provide a wide range of building and facility maintenance services that can reduce your organization’s operating costs and increase equipment efficiency. Our skilled professionals, powered by best-in-class practices and state-of-the-art technology, deliver customized solutions for facility and building needs.

When you choose us, you’ll benefit from facility benchmarking and testing that have taken place at other customer facilities similar to yours. We’re at the forefront of proven management techniques, service improvements and technology advancements that have helped other organizations control costs and improve efficiency.  With a customer retention rate of 95 percent, we know that customers recognize the added value that USI Facility Services provides.

USI Facility Services offers highly specialized facility services that go beyond the traditional operations and maintenance model. As a true outsourcing partner, we continue to respond to the diverse and dynamic needs of clients by developing specialized expertise in the mission critical systems that directly impact operations. So no matter how you define your mission we have the technical capability and expertise to support your objectives.