• Clients First
    Our process always revolves around
    client needs and the expectations
    of their customers.
  • Superior Service
    Industry-leading service
    begins with attention
    to detail.
  • Our People
    Outstanding client experiences
    result from meticulous employee
    screening and training.
  • Integrity
    Confidence and trust are built.
    first and foremost through
    uncompromising integrity.
  • Relationships
    Close working relationships
    with our clients lead to
    success for all.
  • Professionalism
    From communications to field work,
    we are guided by the value of

Our Services

With over a century of experience, USI is a leader providing total facility management services and solutions.   Whether it is a pharmaceutical campus, commercial office building, shopping mall or national retailer, industrial complex or major entertainment venue — we've got you covered inside and out.









Our People

A company is only as good as the people who run it.   We've set the bar high and encourage everyone at USI to provide truly remarkable service each and every day.

integrated facility


USI fully screens everyone who comes to work for us. Because our workers represent us as a company and a family, we want only the best.

facility people


All employees are trained in the USI method of performing their work. Our training processes are thorough and meticulous.

professional facility

Incentive growth

USI provides incentives that help motivate employees. We go to great lengths to ensure a happy workforce.

good relationship

Who comes to work for USI?

We always look for career-minded individuals who are readily able to embrace the same values we do.
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Our Approach

USI leverages best practices, industry experts, and state of the art technology.   Once we understand how best we can help you, we establish a cohesive set of objectives and deliver consistent comprehensive solutions with the highest level of professionalism.

due diligence

Due Diligence

At USI, due diligence means preparation, and preparation means being ready and able to supply the specific scope of services each of our clients’ needs. From proper staffing levels to ensuring that all individuals on a crew are correctly trained and supported, we’re always equipped to serve our clients in the most comprehensive and cost-effective manner possible.

green cleaning

Responsible Cleaning

We’re committed to using the latest green cleaning technologies, processes and products. USI’s green cleaning approach means improved air quality in our clients’ facilities, less packaging waste, increased safety for people within the facilities and economic benefits for companies that follow USGBC guidelines. We care about the environment and we’re proud to use Green Seal certified cleaning products.

performance review

Performance Review

Meticulous employee performance reviews allow us to instantly see where change is needed. Our clients appreciate this proactive process, which focuses on constant improvement in employee ranks and in our operation as a whole. Regular reviews also give us the data we need to alter or modify training programs to produce better employees who are able to consistently meet our clients’ specific expected outcomes.

predictable outcomes

Predictable Outcomes

A detailed quality-control system is the reason our clients enjoy top-level service without any unwanted surprises. Our supervisors regularly visit job sites, making sure that the right people are completing the right tasks in a manner consistent with their training. If a problem arises, we have the resources and flexibility to solve that problem on the spot and resume the seamless service and performance our clients count on.

Four Pillars of Accountability

  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Credibility
  • Predictability

Established in 1906 USI has been making Clients Happy by understanding their unique business needs and delivering results.

Using proven methods and processes USI delivers a programed approach by utilizing proven methods and processes that our clients can trust which provides them with Peace of Mind.

USI fosters a culture that understands the significance of every client. We deliver on our promises and hold ourselves accountable to provide the highest level of service.

The foundation of USI has been built with over a century of business experience. Our value comes from the partnership we form with our clients that provides unparalleled communication and helps your business preform at its optimal level.

Integrated Solutions

Integrated Facility
Management Services

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With more than 30 years’ experience helping clients of all sizes navigate the complex, interdisciplinary, regulatory and environmental challenges of facility management, we strive to deliver superior service both for where your business is today and where it will be tomorrow. USI offers a wide range of services to fit our clients’ facility management needs. Making Lives More Efficient

Turnkey Facility &
Operations Management

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USI offers a wide menu of facility management operations, services and resources that allow us to create competitive advantages in every industry. Within these options, clients can choose the exact services that complement their specific needs. In many cases this approach results in a lowered headcount without sacrificing the quality and value of services to the organization. Our abilities range from site selection, design planning, construction planning and project management to office, mail and warehouse support services.

Staffing Services

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USI’s staffing solutions enable our clients to maintain the integrity of facility management services while controlling headcount, especially during tough economic times. We’re capable of providing any facility position on a project or permanent basis including Facility, Building, or Project managers, Office services or Administrative support, and Facility technicians and repair personal.

Energy Management

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USI’s services are designed to provide a risk-free process to identify and capture energy-related savings with guaranteed results. Businesses are finding this set of services extremely valuable as they strive to reduce their carbon footprint, slow down their production of greenhouse gases, lower their energy bills, and correct longstanding comfort and mechanical issues plaguing their buildings.

Project Management

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At USI, we take complete ownership of every project. From senior management to the project lead, each operation is constantly reevaluated and, where appropriate, refocused to achieve the stated goals and objectives while honoring the constraints of scope, time and budget. Throughout the course of our engagement, we constantly look for ways to optimize resources and use value engineering wherever possible.

Work Order Management

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USI manages work orders as integral parts of a robust facility management solution. With effective work order management, requests are properly communicated, scheduling and allocation of resources are accomplished with high efficiency, and service history serves as a basis for root cause analysis. The system thus becomes a tool for identifying potential failures and works as an aid to risk-avoidance.


We’ve had many success stories over the years.   We’d like to share a few of them with you here.

  • "The efforts of USI have proven most beneficial to our organization. USI offers a standard for service excellence that we have not experienced with past service providers.”

    Ken G. VP of Facility Operations
    Regional Health Care Facility

    Healthcare cleaning
  • “I strongly encourage other facilities to take a hard look at USI Services Group for their facility maintenance and management needs. Since USI came onboard 3 years ago we have experienced operational cost savings of 20% across the board.”

    Alan S. Executive Director
    Commercial Real Estate

    Real estate
  • "Customers demand world-class service and support after the sale. Many times it is a deciding factor shortly after the contract is signed. This was not the case with USI. USI has stepped up and quickly identified and resolved many of our facility operational issues resulting in not only a cost savings but improved standards.”

    John L. VP of Store Operations
    National Mall Operator

    Mall cleaning
  • “We have used USI for the past 8 years and I am extremely impressed with their professional attitude and approachable manner. Facility management can be complex but USI has consistently understood our needs. They always get it right the first time and on time. I simply wouldn’t recommend anyone else.”

    Gregg W. Director of Operations
    National Hospitality Firm

    Hospitality, cleaning
  • “In 1989 we contacted USI for an emergency need in one of our local stores in New Jersey. They responded quickly and provided superior service during a very difficult situation. We were so impressed with their dedication we offered them a contract for that one store. Today USI handles over 165 locations nationally across 12 states and for the past 4 years they have won Vendor of the Year for our providers with over 100 service locations.”

    James W. District Director
    National Department Store Retailer

    Retail cleaning