Operations Management

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Turnkey Facility & Operations Management
With more than 30 years of experience helping clients of all sizes navigate the complex, interdisciplinary, regulatory and environmental challenges of facility management, we strive to deliver superior service both for where your business is today and where it will be tomorrow.

Consistent & Reliable Service
We offer a multitude of facilities management operations, services and resources that allow us to create competitive advantages in every industry. USI offers our clients a comprehensive array of services from which they can choose the resources and services that complement their specific needs. In many cases this unique approach allows our clients to lower their headcount without sacrificing the quality and value of services to the organization. Services range from site selection, design and construction planning, and project management to office, mail, and warehouse support services.

Energy Management Service
USI’s array of services is designed to provide a risk-free process to identify and capture energy related savings with guaranteed results. Businesses are finding this set of services extremely valuable as they strive to reduce their carbon footprint, slow down their production of greenhouse gases, lower their energy bills, and correct longstanding comfort and mechanical issues plaguing their buildings.

Project Management
At USI, we take ownership of each project seriously. From senior management to the project lead each project is constantly reevaluated and where appropriate, refocused to achieve all goals and objectives while honoring the constraints of scope, time, and budget. Throughout the course of our engagement we constantly look for ways to optimize resources and utilize value engineering wherever possible.

Work Order Management
USI manages work orders as integral parts of a robust facility management solution. With effective work order management, requests are communicated effectively, scheduling and allocation of resources are done efficiently, and service history serves as a basis for root cause analysis. The system thus becomes a tool for identifying potential failures and an aid to risk avoidance.